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Of Politic and Love

cheap moncler sale Politics and GoverningYahoo! We are talking politics and love in the same sentence. That is just great. I love politics. It is moncler outlet usa frequently the spice of life. It gives rise to countless opportunities of moncler jackets mens love. Go check it out. Politics are the interactions for the governance of an area. So check this out. I have a house and yard actually quite a nice area. And politic moncler outlet uk is likewise; prudent, judicious and sensible. Amazing that we see these words and we see red. Blood boils and a hate or an apathy arises within us. What fertile landscape that is to love.

cheap moncler So many folks look for peace, harmony and good friends for love. How easy is that? But our buddy Jesus got in and up in cheap moncler our mankind faces and told us loving moncler outlet online store those you love you is just too easy. You have got to step up and love your enemy. So sorry to say it but “I ain’t got no enemies”. Yes I stand for things other people do not like. Boy you should know how many Discount Moncler Coats Christians really do think moncler coats for kids I am the devil because of my beliefs. And load up the bus with atheists who think I should be lynched for my woo woo thinking and feeling.

moncler cheap moncler jackets wholesale outlet But they run into a problem in the area of my moncler coats outlet governance. moncler outlet I don’t moncler outlets usa hate back. moncler coats I cannot declare them the enemy of my state, or state of mind or state of love. Oh I used to in spades, but not now. Mellowed with age might apply.

Check out buy moncler jackets toronto this definition of politics “the academic study of government and the state”. So like faith, we do the love thing and we do the study deal. Politics moncler jackets on sale is really not what moncler outlet mall you moncler jackets toronto see that is reported in the news. And politics is not arguing in the kitchen or online. Neither of those have anything to do with actual politics. Perhaps and only perhaps voting is a part of politics in a democracy. But like most democracies they are representative democracies. So really the vote is just a means of picking who will govern not governing per se. The area of the kitchen table in my area is a direct democracy. moncler coats for women Yes sometimes I moncler jackets canada would like it to be a dictatorship with me as the dictator ; )

cheap moncler jackets So we have a stage set up where love can be practiced with our political enemies from home to nation. And a stage set up about governing our own area. Let us check this out.

monlcer down Moncler Factory Outlet jackets Departmental Home GovernanceAll governance should be with the consent of the governed. My wife and cheap moncler jackets I seldom compromise. One of our opinions or directives wins the battle. moncler jackets for women And usually when this is so, the loser gets a bonus somewhere in the future. “OK we will do it your way but.”. Funny but doesn’t that sound like congress.

Take the Roman Catholic church organization. They have the president (Pope) the Cardinals and cheap moncler jackets outlet the Bishops. (congress and senate) Do not even try to tell me that moncler chicago the “religion” part of it is not politics. Faith maybe different but not completely. The Episcopals have similar structures and all that politicking results in Canons like the Catholics. I was a canonical counselor for a bit. Just advisor moncler jackets men not advocate. moncler jackets outlet online I had to know the laws of that “religion”. I have to say that a lot of the large two volume set was more about control than love. Folks there can hire a canonical lawyer moncler coats for men to represent them in order to get things like an annulment of marriage.

moncler outlet store Now if you do the politics of love then rules and laws do not apply. Structure is not needed. Yes moncler outlet canada a case of libertarianism and anarchy then exists. But if you follow a rule that is not really of man you do just fine. A simple golden rule. Do onto others as you would have them do unto you, in love. For some reason folks do not think of governance in that light. I do not wonder why. It is discount moncler outlet because things are just not done that way. Our egos and power and greed get in the way. My self interest trumps your self interest or vice versa.

moncler mens jackets Funny but sometimes at my kitchen table all the above occur to some degree. Or is that sad? Maybe I will get back to that sometime. In my area of governance, without dictate or law, funds are set aside and spent on things like education, entry ways (sidewalks) and roadways (drive way). Agriculture (garden and lawn and trees) are handled by my department whereas (acquisitions) are handled by a department my moncler jacket outlet wife oversees and is responsible for. To put it mildly she hates gardening and I hate shopping save for food. Let me read nutrition and contents labels and moncler jackets I https://www.moncler-jacket-outlet.com am happy for hours. Let her find deals and go to malls. moncler coats sale However consultation may be moncler usa welcome. The boy is the swing vote if an impasse is reached.

Choice?I had to do some moncler outlet kids lobbying this morning. I got my hiking trip to the Grand approved by the accounting and budget department. But it cost me. No not expressed but implied. It will probably require the agricultural department to weed around the garden of roses. Now that department knows that a reasonable amount of weeds actually give a better eating ground for aphids than the roses. So they are beneficial. But the home value and esthetics agency will now dictate that tit for tat.

cheap moncler outlet But it makes no sense. It is not politic! Wrong, it is politics within our area. To get something you have to at least consider giving something in return.

So how does this thing called moncler outlet store love work its way into our area governance? For some reason moncler outlets uk I do not think a national politician ever publicly rebukes another in love. Rage or PR seems a far more likely cause for grandstanding.

moncler outlet online Here is a concept that a friend gave me. A defect in the small, creates a far larger problem in evolutionary large governance. So true. Too many families engage in the non politics they see in the news or the societal “norms” they see in cable “sitcoms”. One subculture thinks it is funny to have the large wife degrade the skinny husband for laughs. Under my area of governance that program is X rated.

moncler sale outlet womens moncler jackets So that defect in the small home governance finds its way into the larger culture moncler outlet online and often even into national governance. It is as though racial lines make for in race hate speech. And for some reason certain subcultures are given license to use hate speech against another culture.

Under our governance we have we have three distinct races. We rely on it to have productive cross custom diversity and dignity. But that is because we govern in love. Perhaps that loving “defect” in our governance can work its way to our national governance.

moncler outlet sale Wouldn’t it seem that in a democratic representative moncler coats cheap governance that would happen if the governed created it as the norm and most popular. If you are doing it in your area of governance perhaps it will cause a loving synergistic effect. My four children go out into the world. That is four governances that are guided moncler outlet woodbury by love. That is exponential. Do you spend time in your home reading, talking, doing art and getting into the spiritual or do you turn on the news in the morning and evening? Garbage in and garbage out. Love in and love out.

Dora thank you for coming Official Moncler Outlet by. I wanted to tell you that I thought about your Carrib Story and Miranda while thinking about this.

cheap moncler coats Larry I do not begrudge politics in churches. It is what is. I think the structures both physical and governance wise do good. I am awestruck by things such as the Sistine chapel and you should see our moncler coats for cheap Episcopal National Cathedral it is spectacular.

moncler sale I know for certain many millions would not give a thought about their spiritualism if not for church services. We should take what we can get.

buy moncler jackets I am exhausted after writing these sermons. Like you I really have to stretch the old noggin to grapple with them.

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