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20 Great Names for Your British Shorthair Cat From British Literature

King Arthur is a knight out of legend. moncler jacket online He is the mythic king who led the Knights of the Round Table. As a boy, King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, proving he should be king of the realm. moncler outlet uk The wizard Merlin taught Arthur how to be a great king, but he was betrayed by his best friend and finest knight, Sir Lancelot.

Arthur was known for his way with the British moncler jackets canada people. The name would be good for any male British Shorthair with a calm, noble demeanor.

moncler outlet This is the island in Arthurian lore where Morgan Le Fey and her enchantresses live. Avalon is also the island where King Arthur is supposed to have gone after being mortally wounded in his last battle. Arthur is supposed to return from Avalon on the day England needs him moncler outlets uk most.

cheap moncler coats Avalon is hidden within mystic mists making it impossible to find unless the isle’s residents let the mists part. Avalon moncler outlet canada could Moncler Factory Outlet be a nice name moncler jackets for a silver tabby female cat or moncler coats for cheap for a cat who has a bit of a mysterious nature.

In Cornwall, bramble leaves are used in some types moncler outlet usa of healing magic. Healers would soak the brambles in holy water and sing over them moncler jackets for women and then brush the leaves over a sick or wounded person’s body. Bramble could work as a name for most any British Shorthair, particularly one who likes to cuddle.

This name comes from the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland fame. The Cheshire cat is one of the most famous felines in all of literature. Known as a cat who likes jokes and mystery, the Cheshire cat can turn himself invisible.

This name could be a good one for a male British Shorthair who gets a little goofy or one who likes to disappear for periods of time.

Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, thereafter known as “Princess Di,” in a giant media frenzy. But “Shi Di” was more of a cheap moncler private person. She moncler jackets kids was known for doting on her two sons and doing a great moncler outlet ny deal of charity work around the world.

Diana might moncler jackets toronto make a nice name for a sweet tempered female cat who likes to be around her family a lot, but may not be as comfortable around other people. It could also work well for a cat that is particularly fond of children.

moncler sale outlet The myth of Saint George and the Dragon is so classic in British culture that the cross of Saint George is on the British flag. In the myth, cheap moncler coats for women George helps a village being ravaged by a poisonous dragon. Saint George manages to wound the dragon with the help of a princess and he brings it back to the village. George cheap moncler jackets wholesale told the villagers he would take the dragon away if they converted to Christianity, which they did. So, Saint George lopped off the dragon’s head.

George might work as a name for most male British Shorthairs, particularly those who are more bold or curious in nature.

Lady Godiva was a British countess who lived a long, long time ago. When her husband raised taxes on moncler coats for women the poor Lady Godiva came up with a unique way of protesting. She took to the streets on horseback naked save only for her long hair. Almost all of the people turned their backs on her out of respect as she rode through the streets save for “Peeping Tom” who turned to watch. Legend says after peeping Tom lost his sight.

monlcer down jackets Godiva would be a good name for a calm, cool female cat. Lady Godiva is often depicted moncler coats for men as having golden hair so this name might also do well for a cat with more Official Moncler Outlet golden colored fur.

cheap moncler Hermione is the heroine in the moncler jackets cheap Harry Potter book series. She is one of Harry Potter’s two best friends. Hermione is a particularly skilled wizard. She moncler jackets outlet is also very smart and stubborn. This name would work well for any smart and/or stubborn female British Shorthairs, especially one that seems to appear suddenly around the house as if by magic. This name might be nice for a lilac British Shorthair since lilac seems like a magic color.

buy moncler jackets In Arthurian Lore, Iseult is the wife of King Mark. She accidentally drinks a love potion and falls into the arms of Tristan, a cheap moncler jackets knight of the Round Table. When King Mark finds out about the affair he banishes Tristan from Cornwall forever.

moncler sale Iseult could be a good name for many female British Shorthairs, particularly one with a very loving disposition.

cheap moncler jackets Knockers are spirits that bang on the ceilings, walls, and floors of mines just before cave ins occur. The spirits appear in Cornish moncler jackets men mythology. Some miners there think the knockers are evil and cause the cave ins, some think they are jokesters, but most believe they are good spirits who are warning the miners of the upcoming cave ins.

Some Cornish people would leave plates of food moncler coats or milk out to make the knockers happy. Knocker could be a good name for a British Shorthair who likes to play with toys a lot or who has a more impish spirit than usual.

As one of the most famous wizards in literature, Merlin mentored the young King Arthur, helping him moncler coats sale earn his crown. Merlin is most often depicted as a big man with black hair moncler outlet who sometimes looks more like a beast than a man. Merlin moncler outlet woodbury is a powerful wizard who helps save England from harm many times in Arthurian myth.

Merlin could make a good name for a dark colored male British Shorthair.

cheap moncler sale The sister of King Arthur, Morgan Le Fey was a beautiful, dark haired sorceress. She often sparred with Arthur, but she also healed in times of need. Morgan lived on the mysterious isle of Avalon moncler chicago which is located somewhere in buy moncler jackets toronto the mists off the coasts of Cornwall. When Arthur died, Morgan took his body to Avalon.

moncler outlet online Morgan might be an interesting name for a female British Shorthair who is calm and powerful or powerfully mysterious. This could also be a good name for a blue colored female British Shorthair.

moncler outlet sale Piskies are cute, childlike creatures. They dance, wrestle, play, and make noise at Discount Moncler Coats night. Piskies have large ears that point up. Piskie could make a cute name for any British Shorthair, moncler jackets mens particularly one that likes moncler outlet online store to be up at night or is more playful than average.

moncler mens jackets Harry Potter is the star of one of the most popular series of books in modern times. Harry, or Potter as he’s sometimes called, is an especially powerful young wizard who has a special destiny. No matter what, Potter stands firm in the face of the scariest dangers and darkest evils.

This name could be wonderful for any steadfast male British Shorthair.

moncler outlet store The Bard, William Shakespeare, is one of the most renowned playwrights and poets the world has ever known. Shakespeare’s works are performed everyday around moncler coats cheap the world.

Shakespeare could be a witty name for a male cat who likes to “talk” a lot by meowing or moncler jackets outlet online Moncler Outlet on sale making other noises. It could discount https://www.kinkhost.com moncler outlet also work for moncler jacket outlet any male cat you feel has a poetic soul.

cheap moncler outlet Sherlock Holmes is considered by many to be the world’s greatest fictional detective. Working out of his home at 221B Baker Street, Sherlock and his sidekick Dr. Watson solved numerous intricate mysteries. Sherlock might make an excellent name for a male British Shorthair who likes to patrol moncler outlets usa the house as if he’s sniffing out clues. If you get two males, you could consider naming the second one Watson.

In Cornwall legend there was a fisherman named Tom Bawcock who lived in the aptly named town of Mousehole. He became moncler jackets on sale a legend when he dared to go out in the ocean to moncler outlet mall fish during a raging storm because the whole village was moncler outlet online starving. When Tom returned, he had enough fish in his net to feed the entire village. The villagers put all the fish together into a giant pastry called the Stargazy Pie.

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