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Above the grimy surface of Prime William Sound a boat used to ferry beach clean up workers to and from their work is launched from the shore of Naked Island in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on Wednesday, April 13, 1989. Below the surface, viewed through a water tight glass box, environmentalists say it may be years before the full effect of the nation’s worst oil spill on underwater plants and wildlife can be fully known in these southern Alaska waters. (AP Photo/John Gaps III).

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A popular defense for the BCS is college football has the best regular season of any sport. No it doesn’t. What did that Boise State Virginia Tech game really mean? Boise State has already gone undefeated three other seasons without sniffing the title game.

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Transfer to a platter, draining on paper towels; keep warm. Reduce heat to medium, adding butter to pan. When butter begins to foam, stir in onion, garlic, bell peppers and sausages, sauting until vegetables are soft. What would the rap world be without Dr. Dre? While he started his business career as a rapper in the 1980’s, he is now much more well known as being a music producer, actor, and entrepreneur. A growing trend that you can take away from the rappers who have stumbled onto this top 5 list is that they get involved in many different areas of business.

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Jazz at Rockets, 5PM Wednesday on NBA League Pass:If the Rockets win, they will finish no lower than the fifth seed. The Clippers game on Tuesday and the Spurs game will most likely decide their fate. A loss to the Jazz would would open up the possibility of dropping to the sixth seed..

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